Hey everyone! It’s me Ceasar!!

I am the COO of PlentyOfPetZ. As some of you may or may not know Joey, who is the founder and CEO of this website, was stolen back in October of 2012, just months after we launched PlentyOfPetZ. We kept the site up until 2014, but just couldn’t focus much on anything else but to try and find Joey.

Although, we have not been lucky enough to find him, I know he wanted me to continue running PlentyOfPetZ!! He will ALWAYS be the face of PlentyOfPetZ, and we will continue to look for him!!

A lot has changed since then….my mom adopted my sister Hope who’s a Pit bull, and another little brother Harley who’s a Chihuahua. Boy are they fun!!

I’ve made a lot of changes to the website that I think everyone, including you humans will love! It has everything Joey had, and much, much more!! There’s a pet forum, kids section with learning games, a store, and sooo much more coming it will make you wag your tails!!!

So, come check out the new and improved PlentyOfPetZ!!!!  We even started a dating site for our humans too!!

Hi, my name is Joey and I am the founder and CEO of PlentyOfPetz. I am a Maltese and dachshund mix, they say I’m a Mauxie…how they got Mauxie out of that, I’ll never know! My mom adopted me about three years ago. I have three human sisters who I love so much! Then about a year after adopting me, she gave me a brother named Ceasar. He is an Australian Shepherd, who came from a reputable breeder, and boy is he good looking!

Over the past few years, my buddy Ceasar and I have become so fed up of watching our humans spend hours on facebooktwitter, Instagram, snapchat, You Tube, dating, and all of those other websites that “humans” use. I mean come on, yeah, we get bones, walks, and oh, my favorite, belly rubs, but seriously us pets need a social life too! So that’s why I’ve created this website… with a little help from Ceasar of course. And if your human owns a business, tell them to hop to it and register. Then our moms and dads can find us good vets, trainers, groomers, or possibly even a new brother or sister!

So come on, stop horsing around, sign up now and start digging through a website that you have forever dreamed of!